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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Paediatric Dentistry - 3rd Ed. (2005)

Paperback: 456 pages
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA; 3 edition (September 1, 2005)
Language: English
ISBN: 0198565836

1. P. H. Gordon: Craniofacial growth and development 2. A. S. Blinkhorn: Introduction to the dental surgery 3. M. L. Hunter and H. D. Rodd: History, examination, risk assessment and treatment planning 4. G. J. Roberts and M. T. Hosey: Management of pain and anxiety 5. J. G. Meechan: Local anaesthesia for children 6. C. Deery and K. J. Toumba: Diagnosis and prevention of dental caries 7. S. A. Fayle: Treatment of dental caries in the pre-school child 8. M. S. Duggal and P. F. Day: Operative treatment of dental caries in the primary dentition 9. J. Smallridge and B. Williams: Operative treatment of dental caries in the young permanent dentition 10. N. M. Kilpatrick and R. R. Welbury: Advanced restorative dentistry 11. P. A. Heasman and P. J. Waterhouse: Periodontal disease in children 12. R. R. Welbury and J. M. Whitworth: Traumatic injuries to the teeth 13. P. J. M. Crawford and M. Aldred: Anomalies of tooth formation and eruption 14. N. E. Carter: The paedo/orthodontic interface 15. J. G. Meechan: Oral pathology and oral surgery 16. M. T. Hosey and R. R. Welbury: Medical disability 17. J. H. Nunn: Childhood disability

From reviews of the previous edition:
`This is an excellent book, which I would thoroughly recommend not only for the newly emerging specialists in paediatric dentistry, but for all clinicians that see and treat children. It is a comprehensive book covering all aspects of paediatric dentistry. This latest edition addresses the previous omissions. I find it an easy to read book, which makes it very useful for quick reference in the surgery. I suggest it is well worth the money and should be on everyone's bookshelf.' Dental Update
`In a nutshell, it is a textbook that can be wholeheartedly recommended for the bookshelf of anyone interested in paediatric dentistry.' Dental Practice
`The book is principally aimed at the undergraduate student and, in this light, both in content and pricing fulfils its role well... I would recommend it to anyone wanting an overview of the subject.' European Journal of Orthodontics
`Overall, this is an excellent text for anyone who treats children and it should be on your bookshelves... I would thoroughly recommend it.' Journal of Orthodontics Dentistry.rar

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